When is a permit not required?
A permit is not required for:
  1. Replacement of water heaters in the same location with the same fuel source by a licensed plumber on a Single Family Dwelling
  2. Replacement of non-structural, cosmetic building elements, such as: floor and wall coverings; moldings and trim; cabinets and casework; roof coverings with same materials, etc.
  3. Accessory buildings that are no more than 12 feet in any dimension
  4. Replacement of electrical fixtures and components when work is not done within the wall or ceiling cavity or behind the finished wall or ceiling surface.
  5. Replacement of plumbing fixtures when the work does not go beyond the trap seal
  6. Installation of low voltage exterior landscape lighting

Questions? Call 919-918-7336 or visit the Inspections and Permits Division located in Town Hall 301 West Main Street.

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