Residential Assistance Program Design

The Town contracted with the Center for Neighborhood Technology to pursue and complete a “RainReady” study in 2020. The study provided recommendations for creation of a new assistance program. Soon thereafter, the community was engaged in developing Carrboro’s new Comprehensive Plan (Carrboro Connects) that included a section devoted to green stormwater infrastructure. The plan also included a recommendation to offer incentives to income eligible residents. A need was identified to pursue a second study to reach out to Carrboro residents and complete more formal and technical residential site assessments and use the results to provide comprehensive and more tailored program design recommendations. This was completed in 2023. The above efforts have all informed the development of a proposed new residential program design. The Town Council approved the design on January 9, 2024.  A public hearing is scheduled for February 27th to consider a stormwater rate schedule amendment to fund the new program.