Updated Bicycle Transportation Plan - 2019

A public hearing for the adoption of the Updated Bicycle Plan is scheduled to occur on the October 27 meeting of the Carrboro Town Council. 

Public Comment will be accepted via email to publiccomment@townofcarrboro.org until 9:00 PM on Wednesday, October 28. Please include “Updated Bike Plan Public Comment” in the subject line of your email. Questions about the plan should be directed to the Town’s Transportation Planner via email at zhallock@townofcarrboro.org

The Town Council meeting will be held remotely via Zoom Teleconferencing software, livestreamed and archived on www.townofcarrboro.org, and viewable in Carrboro with Cable on Channel 18.  Public Comment can also be made during the meeting by contacting publiccomment@townofcarrboro.org and requesting meeting attendance instructions in advance of the Town Council meeting. 

The updated plan and appendix can be found below.

Updated Bicycle Plan

Updated Plan Appendix

Let’s create better bicycling connections and opportunities in Carrboro! Learn more about the Bike Plan and share your ideas.



The Town of Carrboro is a bikeable community because of its longstanding commitment to providing bicycle infrastructure: both on- and off-road projects, in partnerships with local transit agencies, and as a core component of its regulations for new developments. Despite these efforts, there are opportunities to make the environment even more bicycle-friendly for everyone.

The Town has participated in the League of American Bicyclists’ Bicycle Friendly Community program since 1999 and its bronze-level designation had inspired the Town to frame its first comprehensive bicycle plan around actions that could help lead to higher level designations. In 2010 the Town was awarded with a silver-level designation– the first to achieve this ranking in North Carolina.

Focusing on that same approach by identifying the opportunities and constraints for bicycling in Carrboro, the Town will utilize this planning process again to establish recommendations and identify priority projects.

Background and Purpose

In 2018, the Town of Carrboro was awarded a planning grant from the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) to update its comprehensive bicycle transportation plan. The overall goal of the Project is to provide a framework for NCDOT and the Town to enhance bicycling as a mode of transportation for residents and visitors alike, improving access, connectivity, and safety. Additional goals include promoting healthy active lifestyles, diversifying the local economy, and reducing transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions. Through the planning process we will identify key routes, connections, opportunities, and obstacles, and prioritize areas for future implementation.

Planning Process

The planning process will include input from the public, participation and direction from project stakeholders, and public presentations of draft and final plans. The timeframe for these and other steps is outlined below:

Ongoing: Public Outreach 

Late Winter/Spring 2019: Project Kick-Off & Existing Conditions 

Summer 2019: Draft Plan Development 

Fall 2019: Draft Plan Review & Preliminary Draft Presentation

Winter 2019/Spring 2020: Final Draft Plan Revisions

Summer/Fall 2020: Final Draft Plan Presentation and Adoption

Schedule Graphic_CBP-aug 2020

Steering Committee and Stakeholders

The Board of Aldermen appointed a Steering Committee, representing a range of perspectives, and who will work with the plan’s project team and other stakeholders for input throughout the process, including:

  • NCDOT Division 7 & Division of Bicycle & Pedestrian Transportation 
  • Town representatives from multiple departments (Police, Fire, Rec & Parks, Public Works)
  • Community representatives & advocates 
  • Town of Carrboro Advisory Boards
  • Regional Planning Partners including DCHC MPO, Town of Chapel Hill, UNC Parking & Transportation, and TJCOG

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Carrboro preparing a bicycle plan?

The 2009 plan recommended that a review and update of the plan occur within 5 to 10 years, based on new opportunities and evaluation, acknowledging that land use, transportation, development, the economy, and the overall landscape will continue to change as Carrboro changes. The Town will use this update to: address demands related to bicycling for transportation and recreation; improve safety along routes used for bicycling; update bicycle programs and projects based on community interests and current standards; provide multimodal transportation choices; and leverage transportation projects associated with development. 

The purpose of this plan update is help the Town of Carrboro to identify opportunities and constraints for bicycling, establish recommendations for improvement, and to facilitate bicycling as a tool for improvements in mobility, safety, health, economy, environment, and overall quality of life. The goal is to create safe and connected routes for bicycling in Carrboro, including connections with surrounding communities. 

How is the bicycle plan being funded?

The Town of Carrboro was awarded a planning grant from the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) Division of Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation (DBPT) and the Town will provide a local match to fund the project. 

How will the plan be used?

The Carrboro Bike Plan will provide a framework for the Town, residents, developers, NCDOT, and other regional planning partners to strategically build better connections for bicycling in Carrboro. The plan will provide detailed bicycle facility recommendations needed to seek project funding, coordinate with future development, and shape policy and program decisions for the Town.

What types of bicycle facilities will be included in the plan? 

The plan will identify recommendations for on-road bicycle facilities, such as bicycle lanes and shared-lane markings, as well as separated facilities, such as greenway trails and shared-use paths. In addition to infrastructure recommendations, the plan will also include suggestions for bicycle-related programs and policies.

How will projects be prioritized? 

Project priority will be determine by using a combination of factors. Some will be based on state funding criteria, such as connections to major and minor destinations, distances to those destinations, connectivity to other existing bicycle facilities, bicycle crash history, and feedback from the Steering Committee and the public. The identified priority of each project will guide funding pursuits as implementation of plan recommendations moves forward.

How long is the planning process? 

The Carrboro Bike Plan Update is expected to take about 6-9 months to complete, a preliminary draft presentation was provided to the Board of Aldermen on November 19th, 2019. The final adoption of the plan by the Town Council is currently scheduled for October 27th, 2020.

How can I submit comments on the final plan?

Comments can be submitted up until October 28, 9:00 PM, to either publiccomment@townofcarrboro.org or zhallock@townofcarrboro.org. Please use "Updated Bike Plan Comment" as the subject line.